I had the MCI team on my site to hang drywall. Doing a pre walk I let them know how particular the building owner was, I asked them to be as careful as possible with material & requested not to leave a mess anywhere on site. Showing up in morning & seeing the dumpster, it looked like there was no sign of any work that had been done. As I proceeded to walk inside expecting to find drywall scrap, there was nothing to be found.  I began to question if they even showed up. Much to my surprise, they had hung, scrapped out & the building was completely spotless; there was no sign that they were ever there other than the walls being totally hung and ready for taping. I want to express my thanks to the MCI Team for being so clean & respectful of my concerns. It was a pleasant surprise to find.

Derek Nelson, President, Pro-Craft Building & Remodeling, Inc.

MCI has done our drywall work for approximately 20 years on hundreds of our custom homes. They have been very good to work with. They are responsive, organized, and stand behind their product. The quality of their work is excellent. I would highly recommend MCI to anyone looking for a drywall company to partner with.

Ted McWilliams, McWilliams & Associates, Inc.

It’s been with great pleasure that I’ve had the opportunity to work with MCI Paint & Drywall on a multitude of residential custom-build projects. Their staff, both in the office and in the field, has always delivered a superior fit and finish product on-time, which is a testament to their organized team of skilled individuals. MCI’s flexibility and professionalism has allowed us to achieve and overcome some monumental tasks without sacrificing quality, which earns my highest recommendation. If you’re looking for a true industry partner, look no further than the MCI Paint & Drywall team.

Lucas Dose, Purchasing Manager, JMS Custom Homes

During our nearly 20 year relationship with MCI Paint & Drywall, we have experienced the best in quality materials, installation, and excellent customer service care. The work flow is efficient and on-time, pricing competitive, and bids are always accurate and complete. The support staff within MCI is a real asset, ensuring things keep moving along. Any warranty completion servicing is handled effectively and timely. Knowing we have such a reliable subcontractor as a building trade partner helps us maintain our high level of customer service and we are proud that MCI Paint & Drywall is a part of our building process.

Terry Wensmann & Kelly Johnson, Partners, Wensmann Custom Homes

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