Repeat business from our clients is the true testimony of our quality of work and our dedication. Whether you build high end custom homes, production or smaller homes, we’re not just another subcontractor, we’re your business partner.

We treat every job with respect, attention to detail and day to day supervision which ensures quality control. Providing you the option to combine our services for both drywall and paint enables you to maximize your budget, increase productivity and eliminate the headaches of finger pointing. We manage it all and will be engaged every step of the way.

All Contractors should submit bid requests to:


Our highly experienced Drywall Supervisor will walk every project, preferably with your Field Supervisor or assistant prior to sheetrock delivery. He will check the framing, mark openings and possibly make recommendations for a correction(s) prior to installation which may include additional blocking, a correction to a bowed stud or unsquared corner or a request for heat. This pro-active service benefits both parties and will set all of your other trades up for success, avoiding challenges for corrections down the road.


Our very tenured and knowledgeable Paint Supervisor will be an asset to managing this step of the project. He will be engaged with our painting crew managing schedule, selection application and color,  accountability & quality. He additionally may make recommendations to ensure maximum product performance.

During our nearly 20 year relationship with MCI Paint & Drywall, we have experienced the best in quality materials, installation, and excellent customer service care. The work flow is efficient and on-time, pricing competitive, and bids are always accurate and complete. The support staff within MCI is a real asset, ensuring things keep moving along. Any warranty completion servicing is handled effectively and timely. Knowing we have such a reliable subcontractor as a building trade partner helps us maintain our high level of customer service and we are proud that MCI Paint & Drywall is a part of our building process.

Terry Wensmann & Kelly Johnson, Partners, Wensmann Custom Homes


MCI Paint & Drywall Inc. is proud to be an experienced contractor which can provide services for wallpaper removal and or installation. Check out the commercial side; many of our commercial projects including Hotels, Senior Housing and Luxury Condominium buildings require wallcovering services. We have the experience to manage any sized project.


The name speaks for itself; decks, garages, exterior siding, and prep work for remodel project or clean up from new construction. Power washing can be the first or last important step in the right direction. It will enhance or maintain a home’s beautiful appearance. Imagine your client’s expression as you present a garage floor or front porch that has been freshly cleaned; that first impression that welcomes them “home” once your project is complete. Rely on us for those small, yet simple details!

MCI has done our drywall work for approximately 20 years on hundreds of our custom homes. They have been very good to work with. They are responsive, organized, and stand behind their product. The quality of their work is excellent. I would highly recommend MCI to anyone looking for a drywall company to partner with.

Ted McWilliams, McWilliams & Associates, Inc.

Thank you to our dedicated builders & remodelers who call on us time & time again for our services.

If you’re not partnered up with MCI Paint & Drywall yet, we hope you will choose us for your next project. Experience the reason why MCI Paint & Drywall Inc. should be your business partner of choice. We provide project supervision for every job, the option for combining our services, years of experience, industry knowledge, impeccable quality and guaranteed accountability. We will provide you with exceptional service every time.